Life Church - Couples & Marriage Mentoring

Common problems brought to Marriage Mentoring. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Having the same fight over and over with no real resolution
  • Not trusting your significant other
  • Not feeling appreciated, heard, or valued
  • Even the tiniest things spark an argument
  • You don’t argue anymore. You are like “ships passing in the night”
  • You’ve stopped having sex because you are so hurt and angry
  • Believing that marriage mentoring can’t help your “deep problems”
  • You feel stuck. You ask yourself, “Should I stay or go?”
  • Nothing you do seems to help your relationship feel safe, loving, and secure

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then marriage mentoring can help. Relationships can be difficult to navigate, especially when you don’t have the tools to cope. Your relationship doesn’t have to stay this way. You don’t have to struggle alone. Life Church has a team of experienced marriage mentors that are willing to help.

Pastors BJ Blanca Wade

Pastors Blanca and Bernie Wade II lead the marriage mentoring ministry at Life Church. They specialize in marriage mentoring. They use a direct approach that challenges you to work towards your best self to improve your marriage and romantic relationship. You will learn the knowledge and skills in session and then, you will bring them home to sustain long lasting improvements in your marriage.

How Marriage/Couples Coaching Can Help You

Couples mentoring will address barriers that may be hindering your marital/relationship satisfaction and offer guidance in any of the following areas:

  • Strengthening positive interactions
  • Turn toward each other to get your needs met
  • Learn communication skills and conflict management and resolution skills
  • Recover from infidelity and pornography use
  • Build friendship
  • Reestablish lost intimacy, both emotionally and sexually
  • Increase fondness and admiration for each other
  • Heal and restore trust from past hurts or betrayals
  • Clear the way to know and support each other’s hopes and dreams for the future
  • Specific concerns such as sexual difficulties, betrayal and broken trust, finances, and parenting conflicts
  • Even couples with “normal” levels of conflict can benefit from couples therapy
  • Relationship check-ups (a check-up for your relationship that helps small issues, stay small issues)