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Life Church - Plan Your Visit

Thank you for your interest in Life Church! Before planning your visit, we need to make you aware of one very important thing. You are only a visitor once. After that, you are family.

What to Expect

We know showing up to a new place for the first time can be intimidating but at Life Church, it is our desire to make you feel right at home and at ease. From the moment you enter the parking lot, you are a VIP to us. If you need anything, just let us know. If you have a question, just ask and of course, if you have a problem at any time during your visit, let us know about it so we can make it right.

Life Church is unique in that we are focused on being a training center. This means we see our mission as training and equipping others who are called to the ministry. To accomplish this, we are led by a local 5-fold ministry. This means we recognize and have a leadership team of Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists and Pastors – just like the church in the New Testament of the Bible. Our LaGrange campus is led by one of our ministry team.

Sunday Gatherings

We gather on Sundays to worship our King and Lord, Jesus Christ. Life Church is a family and we genuinely love each other. We are always happy when we see each other.

Before service, we have a time of prayer beginning at 12:30 pm in the conference room. We start our Sunday service at 1:00 pm with worship. If you have seen a charismatic or Pentecostal congregation in worship, you will see the people around you speaking softly in between service stuff or during the worship; often with their eyes closed. Sometimes it is tongue-speaking as a devotional practice but most of the time, it is praise punctuations such as ‘Amen’ / ‘Yes, Lord’, ‘Hallelujah’ / ‘Praise God’, ‘Maranatha’ / ‘Come, Lord Jesus’. There are also times in a service which are meant to be celebrative; times to jump for joy. One who really worships cherishes those moments for what they are — special moments before God.

We also have time for exhortation. A member of our ministry team will expound on a subject or our collective Scripture reading for that week. We will pray, offer prayer for those who are ill, celebrate the Lord’s Supper and more.

You are welcome! Come and join with us! While you are welcome to just show up, we would love to know you are planning to visit prior to your arrival. Fill out and submit the form below and let us know you are coming. Also, if you have any questions or comments for us prior to your visit, you can also use the form below.

Plan Your Visit