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People are busy and we sometimes find it difficult to fit everything in to our daily schedule. The truth of the matter is (and let’s just be honest here), people make time for the things important to them and for us, daily Bible reading and study is of the utmost importance. Regardless of what is going on in our lives, we make daily Bible reading and study a priority.

Here at Life Church, we are reading the Bible through in a year – together! This is something we do together so we are all reading the same thing at the same time. To help keep us on track, we are following the daily Bible reading plan from We Are Church. You can follow along with us (and them) by clicking on the link that follows:

We are Church – Bible Reading

If you would like to download a hard-copy of the monthly Reading Plan, they will be made available via the links below (in PDF format). Links will be updated quarterly.

Bible Reading Plan Downloads

Do not get discouraged or give up if you miss a day or fall behind. This plan sets aside time at the end of each month for you to catch up. You can do this!

Is this the only “Read the Bible in a Year” plan out there? Certainly not but this is the one we have chosen. If you find one you like better, use it! The important thing is you set aside time each day dedicated to reading and studying His Word. There are numerous free apps for mobile devices available from companies like YouVersionBible Gateway (and others) to help you in this area.

Do not think you have to start your reading plan on January 1st. Most of the plans available online (including the one from We Are Church) can be started at any time. Just start “today” and follow the plan through until you have completed a year of reading. Even if you have already read through the Bible, don’t stop! The great thing about reading and studying God’s Word is there is always something new to learn. The Holy Spirit always has new and fresh insight He wants to reveal to us through His Word and every time you read it He will speak to you – even if you have read it multiple times before.

In addition to the reading plan from We Are Church, we have included some additional resources (from below.

Verse of the Day

Bible Verse Lookup

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible